I love you, Kids

With all my heart...

Your mom and her friends cannot control their hatred:

This is what they are doing: "Severe parental alienation happens when one parent makes a deliberate and on-going attempt to withhold contact with the other parent and cause the child to fear or hate the other parent. This can cause the child to reject the targeted parent without really understanding why."

Ask yourselves this question: If our dad worked over 80 hours per week when we were little and built the home we're in, why would he abandon us? The answer is: I haven't. I was driven out of the state of Colorado by some very dangerous corrupt people in our court system, who realized that I have enough evidence to put them in jail.

One of the criminals is the "Child and Family Investigator" (CFI). She and your mom's attorney defrauded the courts, meaning they lied about everything in the divorce, and then the judges fixed the case against me for money. I'll be covering the case fixing crime on a different page.

Parental alienation is emotional child abuse. Any parent that engages in it is consumed with hatred and can't control their hate of the other parent. They don't realize how much they are hurting their children by forcing them to grow up without the benefits that the other parent can provide and without the love and affection of the other parent. It's like forcing you to give up half yourself. 

What is really sick is when other adults join in the abuse. Third parties that brainwash a child against one of their parents should go to jail. They are perverts of society - absolute scum of the earth. You guys know who I'm talking about. The friends that said mean things about me. The teachers that held your homework during my weekends with you. The counselors that blocked my calls. The principal and PTA gal that lied in court for your mom. The people that scheduled you for refereeing and alterboy serving on my weekends...

And, the worst of all the third-party abusers is the CFI. She used you kids and lied on the witness stand in our divorce so your mom would get the house and you and "sole decision-making". Her Report is also filled with lies and her Recommendations to the court, as to when you and I would see each other and have summer vacations and Holidays together, she said was based on what you kids wanted. I know that's not true. You are not at fault in any way.

The CFI should go to jail and should be ordered to compensate each of you and me for what she did to our family. I need you to tell me all the details of what she told you during her 'investigation'. I need to know when the last time you saw her was. When I take her on in front of a jury, I can only do so much. My testimony needs to be "corroborated" by you. Your account of what you saw and heard will make my assertions the truth.

When you are older I will tell you all that she did to our family. I firmly believe that she was the 'ring-leader' of the brainwashing in the schools too and the spreading of the hate against me. Help me put her where she belongs. The more corrupt they are the easier they fall. A jury will be totally disgusted in what she did and I will ask them to award you and me the absolute maximum allowable by law.

That is my promise to you, kids - with each of the criminals that got together to destroy our family. God Bless each of us. Let's come back together as a family and go after them!

I love you very much.